To our most valued Orbit user,

To show our gratitude to your generous support and to celebrate the new year of OX, Orbit Exchange is rewarding the community users with “Orbit mining pool matching carnival”, giving out prizes worth a total of 1000 ETH tokens.

Promotional period: 2021.02.17. 09:00 -2021.02.21. 23:59 (UTC+8) (HKT)

Promotional offer: An exclusive user benefit to participate in the Orbit mining pool matching. All Orbit users who satisfy the terms and conditions are entitled to our lucky draw giving rise to 50 lucky users who can enjoy a valuable prize of 1 to 1 token matching ranging from 1 ETH token to a maximum of 50 ETH tokens. Lucky draw terms and conditions please refer to the section of lucky draw details.

During the promotional period, you can enjoy your new year exclusive offer by completing the following conditions on our Orbit platform and take part to win ETH tokens totaling 1.8 million of USD:

Condition 1: In Orbit trade to trade  with an effective trade volume (buy + sell) not less then 100USDT

Condition 2: In possession of deposit in Orbit account.

Condition 3: You must be a real name authenticated user in Orbit Exchange

Prize allocation:

Upon completing all requirements, Orbit will draw out 50 lucky users at random to enjoy 1 to 1 token matching ranging from 1 ETH token to a maximum of 50 ETH tokens. Lucky draw terms and conditions please refer to the section of lucky draw details.


Remarks and Service Agreements:

Effective trade volume: Restricted to buy and sell volume, excluding self-buy, self-sell and any leveraged token purchase or redemption activities;

For the lucky winners of Orbit mining pool matching carnival, please prepare an adequate amount of ETH token in your wallet for matching after receiving Orbit email notification. The Orbit mining pool matching offer will be forfeited automatically if the ETH token

ETH token prize distribution: The ETH tokens will be distributed within 1 week after the completion of the promotional activity, for review please go to user centre→wallet→record;

Subsidiary accounts are not deemed to be independent accounts in this activity. The trading volume in subsidiary accounts and leveraged accounts will be counted to the respective principal accounts;

Click farming, mass account registration , self-buy, self-sell,  cross marketing and associated behaviors are deemed cheating and ORBIT retains the right to review and disqualify any participants involved.

In case of dispute arising out of this promotion, ORBIT retains the right of interpretation and our decision shall be final and conclusive.



Lucky draw details:

【The draw】

In this activity, users will be allocated matching rights and size through a lucky draw, detail requirement and timeline are as follows:

  1. Time of lucky draw: 2021.02.22. 18:00 (UTC+8)

Note: participant can join the activity during the lucky draw period but participant cannot refresh the lucky draw number upon joining the lucky draw.

  1. Lucky draw result announcement :2021.02.23. 20:00 (UTC+8)
  2. Asset count period: 2021.02.23.- 2021.02.28. 00:00 (UTC+8)
  3. Size and value of this activity:

Activity: Orbit ETH mining pool matching carnival

Redemption size: From 1 ETH token to a maximum of 50 ETH tokens

  1. Participation method: Registered lucky draw users

Orbit Exchange ETH mining pool matching carnival

Rules of allocation:


Lucky draw rundown:

  1. Time of lucky draw registration: 2021.02.17 09:00- 2021.02.21 23:59 (UTC+8) Please note: A participant may get multiple numbers in the lucky draw and consecutive numbers will be assigned to a participant when he/she registers the lucky draw. Numbers range from 0001~9999, our system will assign the number according to the time of registration.
  2. Lucky draw result announcement :After the lucky draw, Orbit will announce the result on 2021.02.23. 20:00 (UTC+8)
  3. Asset count period: 2021.02.23.- 2021.02.28. 23:59 (UTC+8) For the lucky winners, our system will automatically deduct ETH token at the respective price. As the exchange is conducted in ETH token users must ensure there are enough ETH token in their accounts during the asset count period. If the ETH token quantity does not satisfy the minimum exchange requirement in the asset count period the Orbit mining pool matching offer will be forfeited automatically.
  4. Lucky draw method: User initiated lucky draw, random draw with the system automatically process the asset exchange for our winners. By clicking the ‘draw’ button, your registration is deemed as consent to the asset exchange.

Deposit record is mandatory for this promotional offer


Risk reminder and disclaimer

Virtual currency is a high risk investment, investors please exercise caution and note the associated risk. Orbit must not be held responsible for any consequence arising from any investment decision and action.

Orbit Exchange platform retains the rights of interpretation to all the content above. Should you have any enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact our online customer service in our official website.

Orbit Exchange, your trusted cryptocurrency trading partner !